Let the Finger Pointing Begin

Sentiment Overflow in the Testing Stack

 · Mark Swillus
Table of contents

We know that many software projects do not adopt testing practices. But we still lack understanding of why practitioners do not test. I argue that filling this knowledge gap is required in order to take the right steps to tackle the lack of testing. I even go further and challenge tool developers and advocates of testing practices to reflect on how their effort is addressing this ”why?”. If efforts are made without such reflection, they can do more harm than good. The preliminary findings of my research show that we can gain this understanding by investigating the social world in which testing is practiced.

About this publication

This publication was accepted at the BENEVOL 2022 Presentation abstracts track. It does not present the results of a research project. Instead it presents early results and novel findings to provoke discussion and to initiate challenging new avenues.

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